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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What’s the quick rundown on what you do, again? – Small Business Consulting Services"
    My Small Business consulting services focus on the administrative establishment of your Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), Incorporation (Inc), Sole Proprietorship, and Nonprofit (501(c)(3)) establishment. I provide consulting services, which means I help companies to identify, explore, and solve problems. The end-goal is to help the business understand and improve its position, in terms of reduced cost, reduced risk, and smarter decisions.
  • What’s the quick rundown on what you do, again? – Nonprofit IT Consulting"
    What do you do? My Nonprofit IT consulting services focus on data collection, analysis, strategy, buildout, and team guidance. We use reverse-engineering to determine data collection metrics and processes. Why are you doing this? Because I’m thrilled by the prospects of data analysis, and I like to help businesses succeed. Specifically with grassroots nonprofit organizations, I understand the importance of a streamlined data collection process enabling your program’s story to be told with supporting data. I want to help align your company’s mission from the very start. I want you to see how proper investment in data collection and analytics will position you for additional revenue and allocations. But I could just hire a technology manager or data scientist, right? You could do that, but that’s probably not a good idea. There are plenty of things you need to do before you add a technology role to your firm. Most importantly, you need to determine whether you should have a technology or data manager (or an entire technology team), and if so, when you’ll be ready for that person to join and how their work relates to the rest of the company. Furthermore, you’ll want to make sure you have the data you need, in the format suitable for analysis, and housed in the proper infrastructure. Without this, your technology staff will spend a lot of time sitting around waiting for work to do. Hiring a data or technology staff too early and without a plan is a good way to burn revenue. Think of me as the person to talk to before you hire. Are you partial to any of the popular data tools? Not really, no. Some people will pick a technology solution before they solve a problem. I see that a lot in the technology space, and it doesn’t turn out well. Working together, we’ll explore your business concerns first, establish goals, and only then see what tools (if any) you could use to solve them.
  • What Keynote/Public Speaking Services do you offer?
    Please click on the link below to view my CV which includes my bio. Click on the link to access past speaking engagements Speaking engagements can range from 15 to 60 minutes. Signature talks include; Poverty – Class or Mentality? Adulting as a Student Overcoming Obstacles Perspective Bridges
  • Are you a consultant, or a contractor?"
    A lot of people use these terms interchangeably. To clarify: a consultant provides strategic guidance to company leadership a contractor works in a staff-augmentation capacity You’d engage a consultant to set your direction, then possibly hire contractors to build out that vision. I provide both services. I also have a network of vetted companies with specified areas of expertise. How do you work? I prefer to keep things simple and straightforward: We start with an initial consultation. This is a brief meeting in which we learn about each other and I get a deeper picture of your situation. If there’s mutual interest, we work together to scope out a project. After that, we execute the standard paperwork and get started. That’s it.
  • Can you tell me more about your Notary and Wedding services?
    It is our goal to take the hassle out of finding a notary after business hours, so you can always get the signing services you want, exactly where and when it may be of need. A notary’s signature is required on many legal documents and can be a wise precaution even when notarization is not mandated by state or federal law. It is more likely than unlikely that everyone will need a notary, whether to finalize a sales transaction or a loan, entering into an escrow agreement, when completing a binding legal business agreement, inventory of safe deposit box or personal safe, or even a will and it can be stressful to find one on short notice with the dependability usually needed in such situations. In fact, some documents are time sensitive and we completely understand the importance of a dependable, reliable, and of course professional authorized notary public. Wedding Services Need an officiant for your wedding ceremony? I am more than happy to participate in your joyous occasion. Notaries can perform Marriage Ceremonies in South Carolina. I am a Wedding Officiant & Minister for South Carolina. I specialize in quick ceremonies & elopements. The couple must have first received their marriage license. PLEDGE OF ETHICAL PRACTICE “I (WE) AM (ARE) NOT AN ATTORNEY(S) LICENSED TO PRACTICE LAW IN THE STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA, AND I MAY NOT GIVE LEGAL ADVICE.” “I (WE) AM (ARE) NOT AN ATTORNEY(S) AND THEREFORE, BY LAW I (WE) CAN NOT EXPLAIN OR INTERPRET THE CONTENTS OF ANY DOCUMENTS, INSTRUCT ON THE COMPLETION OF DOCUMENTS OR THE ADVISABILITY OF SIGNING A PARTICULAR DOCUMENT.” “BY DOING SO I (WE) WOULD BE ENGAGING IN THE UNAUTHORIZED PRACTICE OF LAW, AND COULD FACE LEGAL PENALTIES. ANY IMPORTANT QUESTIONS CONCERNING YOUR DOCUMENTS SHOULD BE DISCUSSED WITH THE ISSUING PARTY OR AN ATTORNEY.” South Carolina Code of Laws §26-1-5(10) states that a notary public is a person commissioned to perform notarial acts. Notaries public are public officers of the State of South Carolina. The main purpose a notary public serves is to prevent fraud. Notarial Acts Pursuant to S.C. Code of Laws §26-1-90(A), notaries public can perform the following notarial acts: 1. Acknowledgments 2. Oaths and Affirmations 3. Attestations and Jurats 4. Signature Witnessing 5. Verifications 6. Any other acts authorized by law.
  • I’d like to move forward. How do I start?
    Glad to hear it. Click on “Book Now” at the top of this page. I look forward to hearing from you.
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